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Beni Otome Taru MIZUNARA HEAD FINISH 5 years

Beni Otome Taru MIZUNARA HEAD FINISH 5 years

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This liqueur is made by aging authentic barley shochu in French oak barrels, and then further ripening in special barrels with Quercus oak for the head panel (HEAD) and American oak for the side panels (STAVE).

It has a sweet scent reminiscent of vanilla and chocolate, and a fruity scent like mandarin orange. A sweet and pleasant aroma and a smooth and refreshing taste. We recommend drinking it on the rocks, with water, or as a highball.

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Alcohol content: 40% Contents: 720ml
Ingredients: Honkoku barley shochu (domestic production), dietary fiber

*Due to limited quantities, it is only available at the Beniotome Minou Distillery store, online shop, and some retailers.

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