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Kappa Kusenbo Vintage 2010 [Limited distribution product]

Kappa Kusenbo Vintage 2010 [Limited distribution product]

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Vintage barley shochu distilled in 2010.

Authentic barley shochu made entirely from two-rowed barley and distilled under normal pressure to bring out the sweet and fragrant grain aroma characteristic of barley. This product is distilled in 2010 and aged without blending, so it has a smooth mouthfeel that can only be achieved through long-term aging.

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2,200 yen (720ml)

Alcohol content: 25% Contents: 720ml
Ingredients: Barley (domestic), barley koji

* Handling is limited to specialty stores that work with us to spread Beni Otome's alcoholic beverages. Thank you for your understanding.

■Award history

Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Appraisal Association: Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly Chairman Award (2023)
TWSC2022: Gold Award (2022)
Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards: Gold Award (2022)

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