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FRENCH OAK long-term storage

FRENCH OAK long-term storage

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“Kura Master2023” won the platinum award in the barrel storage category! !

Won the gold medal in the shochu category of “Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition 2023 (TWSC2023)”! !

The main barrels used for barrel aging at Beni Otome Sake Brewery are French oak barrels. French oak barrels made from long-lived wood from France are characterized by an elegant and delicate vanilla scent. This product is a blend of tank-aged barley shochu based on unprocessed sake that has been aged for over 3 years in French oak barrels. Smells like a slightly sweet vanilla and apple compote. The sweetness is brought out by serving it on the rocks or with water, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste in a highball.

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Suggested retail price (excluding tax) 3,500 yen (720ml)
Alcohol content: 40% Contents: 720ml
Ingredients: Wheat (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

■Award history
Kura Master2023: Platinum Award (2023)
TWSC2023: Gold Award (2023)

[Recommended way to drink]
Beni Otome Barrel FRENCH OAK×Sweets

Of the barrel series that go well with desserts , we especially recommend the ``Beni Otome Barrel FRENCH OAK,'' which is aged in barrels like whiskey or brandy and has a sweet vanilla scent.

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