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CROP & CROP [Limited distribution product]

CROP & CROP [Limited distribution product]

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Kyoho plum wine with a strong fruit flavor made with sesame shochu

This is a luxurious liqueur where you can enjoy the taste of plum wine and Kyoho grapes, with Beni Otome plum wine made with sesame shochu and the pulpy taste of Kyoho grape puree.

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2,140 yen

■Item: Liqueur

■Product name: CROP&CROP

■Alcohol content: 15 degrees

■Contents: 720ml

■Ingredients: Plum wine (domestic production), grapes, sugar/flavoring, coloring (red cabbage, gardenia), antioxidant (VC)


■Quantity: 6 pieces

* Handling is limited to specialty stores that work with us to spread Beni Otome's sake. Thank you for your understanding.

[Recommended way to drink]
Easy cocktails made with CROP&CROP🍇 and orange juice🍊

[How to make]
①Put plenty of ice in the glass
② Pour CROP & CROP to half the glass
③ Slowly pour in the orange juice.
Turn the glass and pour gently from the other side.
④Finally, give it a light stir and you're done!

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