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Red Maiden KURO

Red Maiden KURO

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Black sesame x black koji, aromatic black sesame shochu.

Unlike the standard product ``Beniotome'', which has a faint ``sesame'' aroma, this sesame shochu is characterized by a fragrant aroma and rich taste due to the combination of ``black sesame'' and ``black koji.''

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1,477 yen (720ml)

Alcohol content: 25% Contents: 720ml
Ingredients: Wheat (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice), black sesame (20% or more)

■Award history

TWSC2021: Bronze Award (2021)

[Recommended way to drink]
Beni Otome KURO x Grapefruit Juice Wari
Beni Otome KURO x Grapefruit Juice Wari

Beniotome KURO is characterized by its fragrant aroma and mellow taste due to the combination of black sesame and black koji. The unique aroma of black sesame and the refreshing taste of grapefruit go perfectly together! Transformed into a very popular cocktail that is easy to drink even for women who don't like shochu! !
You can also add sesame and salt to the edge of the cup (you can use salt if you don't have it) to change the taste.

[How to make]
Shochu 4: Grapefruit juice 6
① Wet the rim of the glass with water, turn the glass upside down and sprinkle with salt ② Pour in the ice and shochu, stir lightly with a stirrer, then pour in the grapefruit juice and stir ③ If you have grapefruit, squeeze the pulp into the glass ④ Smile and say it's delicious. please!

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ほんとめちゃくちゃ美味しいので周りにもオススメしてます!!(^ ^)