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Beni Otome Barrel AMERICAN OAK 17 years

Beni Otome Barrel AMERICAN OAK 17 years

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The ``Beni Otome Barrel'' series allows you to experience the wonderful aroma of barrel-aged shochu produced by Beni Otome Sake Brewery. The second product, ``Beni Otome Barrel AMERICAN OAK 17 Years Old,'' is an authentic shochu that is based on barley shochu that has been aged in American oak barrels for over 17 years, and is blended with rice shochu that has been aged in tanks for over 17 years.
Refreshing aromas of faintly sweet vanilla and green apple, and a gentle texture that has been aged for over 17 years. We recommend rock wine, where you can enjoy the aroma and taste that comes from aging over a long period of time. You can enjoy the sweet and gentle taste when mixed with water or in a highball.

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3,600 yen (720ml)

Alcohol content: 25% Contents: 720ml
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice), barley

[Recommended way to drink]
raw ham and cheese

The just-salted raw ham and rich cheese are standard snacks to go with alcohol.

The sweet vanilla scent that is characteristic of Beni Otome Taru AMERICAN OAK is further enhanced by the salty taste of the raw ham and cheese. Enjoy the refreshing scent that comes out of your nose, just like a green apple! !

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