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Beni Maiden STANDARD

Beni Maiden STANDARD

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Standard of "Red Maiden"

A combination of a faint sesame aroma and a soft flavor. The standard sesame shochu ``Beniotome'' has a refreshing taste when mixed with water.

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Suggested retail price (excluding tax)
632 yen (300ml), 1,019 yen (720ml), 1,184 yen (900ml), 2,330 yen (1800ml)

■Ingredients: Wheat (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice), sesame (10% or more)
■Alcohol content: 25%■Contents: 300ml, 720ml, 900ml, 1800ml

■JAN code:
4985159111837 (300ml)
4985159110410 (720ml)
4985159110595 (900ml)
4985159110083 (1800ml)

Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards: Gold Award (2023)
Kura Master 2023: Platinum Award (2023)
TWSC2023: Silver Award (2023)
Kura Master 2022: Gold Award (2022)
TWSC2022: Gold Award (2022)
Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards: Gold Award (2022)
Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards: Gold Award (2019)
Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards: Gold Award (2016)
Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards: Gold Award (2015)
Monde Selection: Supreme Gold Award (2009)

[Recommended way to drink]

Dashi soup x sesame shochu

Many people think of sake when they hear the words ``dashi-wari'', but it actually goes well with shochu as well🎵Oden soup is packed with the flavors of various ingredients.
When you pour in the sesame shochu, you get a nice aroma of bonito and kelp!
Then, by topping it with shichimi, it becomes spicy and delicious.
It will keep your body warm and is a recommended way to drink it for the upcoming season! Please try it once!

Gari x sesame shochu
Gari x sesame shochu

This time we used Iwashita's new ginger, which is very popular!
[How to make]
Just add ice, pour in sesame shochu, add whole ginger, and slowly pour in carbonated water.

If you drink ginger while eating, this will progress! ! “Garigoma”! It makes me want to tweet! Ginger is perfect as a snack! Please try it

green tea split

``Green tea mixed with green tea'' goes well with any dish, and is perfect for drinking with alcohol during meals! !
Green tea contains vitamin C and caffeine, and it is said that taking them at the same time promotes the breakdown of alcohol. That's why you're less likely to get a hangover! Isn't it the best (lol)

[How to make]
① Put ice in a glass and mix with a stirrer ② Pour sesame shochu (shochu: green tea = 1:2)
③ Pour in the pre-chilled green tea and mix well.

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