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Asuka Sakura Pastorale III [Limited distribution product]

Asuka Sakura Pastorale III [Limited distribution product]

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Internal capacity

Fragrant barley shochu made by atmospheric distillation

We use domestic wheat and rice, and slowly and carefully prepare it through low-temperature fermentation. This authentic barley shochu is distilled under normal pressure to maximize its fragrant barley aroma and smooth, sweet aftertaste, and is aged in glass lined tanks for over 3 years.

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Suggested retail price (excluding tax)

1,750 yen (720ml)

3,300 yen (1,800ml)

■Item: Honkaku Shochu (barley shochu)

■Product name: Asuka Sakura Pastorale III

■Alcohol content: 25 degrees

■Content capacity: 720ml, 1800ml

Raw materials: Wheat (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)


4985159112193 (720ml)

4985159112186 (1800ml)

*Handling is limited to specialty stores that work with us to spread Beni Otome's sake. Thank you for your understanding.

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