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Beni Otome Sake Brewery Select Gift (720ml x 3 bottles set) *Box fee 400 yen + product fee

Beni Otome Sake Brewery Select Gift (720ml x 3 bottles set) *Box fee 400 yen + product fee

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A set of 3 x 720ml bottles that allows you to try and compare Beni Otome Shuzo's sesame shochu, barley shochu, rice shochu, and plum wine in your favorite combinations.

We provide wrapping and packaging free of charge. Recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

A box fee of 400 yen will be charged.

①Red Maiden STANDARD 25°

A combination of a faint sesame aroma and a soft flavor. The standard sesame shochu ``Beniotome'' has a refreshing taste when mixed with water.

②Red Maiden KURO 25°

Unlike the standard product ``Beniotome'', which has a faint ``sesame'' aroma, this sesame shochu is characterized by a fragrant aroma and rich taste due to the combination of ``black sesame'' and ``black koji.''


A blend of tank-aged barley shochu based on unprocessed sake aged for over 3 years in French oak barrels. Smells like a slightly sweet vanilla and apple compote.

The sweetness is brought out by serving it on the rocks or with water, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste in a highball. With an alcohol content of 25%, it has a light taste and texture.

④Beni Otome plum wine

Kojoume, a rare variety with a rich extract and beautiful fruit that is also known as a blue diamond, is carefully soaked in aromatic sesame shochu. Please enjoy the mellow, thick and rich adult plum wine with an alcohol content of 18%.

⑤Kappa Kusenbo main stream 25°

Received the Fukuoka Prefecture Governor's Award at the 9th Fukuoka Prefecture Liquor Awards in 2021! This barley shochu is made entirely from two-rowed barley grown in Fukuoka Prefecture. It was born through trial and error by blending various unprocessed sake from "Beni Otome Minou Distillery". The golden ratio of the blend we arrived at is 97% vacuum distilled for a clean taste and 3% normal pressure distilled for a rich aroma. It has a fruity aroma similar to bananas and a refreshing taste. Authentic barley shochu that goes well with cooking.

⑥Kappa Kusenbo Fukuoka no Kome 25°

The raw material is Hinohikari from Tanushimaru-cho, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. By brewing with 100% rice malt, it brings out a gorgeous aroma even though it is distilled under reduced pressure. This is one of Beni Otome Shuzo's rice shochu, which has won awards at the Liquor Appraisal Association.

⑦Kappa Kusenbo Fukuoka potato 25°

We use Beniotome sweet potatoes grown in Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture, at the northern foot of the Minou Mountain Range. Beniotome's characteristic sweet aroma is produced by producing it through atmospheric distillation. A crisp aftertaste made with rice malt. This is an elegant sweet potato shochu that takes advantage of Beni Otome Sake Brewery's experience in making shochu, and is often praised for its well-balanced and beautiful taste.

⑧Kappa Kusenbo Vintage 25°

Authentic barley shochu made entirely from two-rowed barley and distilled under normal pressure to bring out the sweet and fragrant grain aroma characteristic of barley. This product is distilled in 2010 and aged without blending, so the smooth taste that can only be achieved by long-term aging is also a feature of this product.

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